Voion Land Products

Voion Land Products is experimenting with white fava beans and contract beans

Focusing on the production and distribution of Greek legumes, Voion Land Products is currently experimenting with the production of fava beans, which is the product of collaboration with the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and Professor Yiannis Tsialtas.

This test crop has the trade name "Pearl" and the goal is to be released on the market in the near future. Its special characteristics are that it is white-fleshed and has a sweeter taste. At the moment it is produced by two producers in Kozani and this year the company will decide whether it will be available as a packaged product on the market or will be led to seed production for the distribution of the variety to producers throughout the Greek territory, as the farmer and shareholder says from the company's side , Yannis Zimbilidis. "The yields it offers are satisfactory, as last year it even reached 250 kg per hectare in dry cultivation", he notes.

A key element of the philosophy of Voion Land Products, based in Tsotyli in the area of Voiou Kozani, is that it has developed contract farming agreements with producers in different regions of Greece, gradually adding other producers to the specific cooperation model. According to G. Zimbilidis, the company currently cooperates with 60 farmers in areas such as Kastoria (giant beans and broad beans), Voio from where it receives medium lentils and chickpeas, Grevena (medium lentils and chickpeas), Nevrokopi (giant and flat beans), Larissa (medium beans and coarse chickpeas), Kavala (barbounia beans, red beans) and Valanidorachi Prevezis (black-eyed beans).

Its main product is lentils, where from the 50 tons that were initially the quantities it bought from the producers, at the moment it has come to procure about 400 tons per year.

With a new stock composition

Η Voion Land Products δηµιουργήθηκε από τους Γιάννη Ζιµπιλίδη και τον αδερφό του Αλέκο, τον Γιάννη Παπαϊορδανίδη, τον Κοσµά Κέλογλου, τον Χαράλαµπο Περσίδη και τον Βασίλη Μεταξά. Στην πορεία η µετοχική της σύνθεση άλλαξε και πλέον µέτοχοι είναι οι αγρότες Γιάννης Ζιµπιλίδης, Αλέκος Ζιµπιλίδης και Βασίλης Μεταξάς, ενώ µετά την αποχώρηση κάποιων εκ των προαναφερόµενων αρχικών µετόχων συµµετέχει πλέον και ο Αλέξης Κωτούλας, ο οποίος είναι οικονοµολόγος.

An investment of 500,000 euros was recently completed, with which a second building was created, which houses storage areas and a packaging plant. Among others, significant quantities of the produced products are available in countries such as Germany, America, France, Belgium, Cyprus, Great Britain and the Netherlands.

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