Voion Land Products

VOION LAND PRODUCTS: The pandemic period found the company more productive than ever!

The new management of the company VOION LAND PRODUCTS, consisting of Zimbilidis Ioannis, Kotoulas Alexios and Zimbilidis Alexandros, shortly before the outbreak of the pandemic began the implementation of an ambitious plan aimed at the radical restructuring and reorganization of the company. With the valuable help of two more shareholders, Metaxas Vassilios and Tsialtas Ioannis, the effort to modernize and upgrade it from a local company for processing and standardization of agricultural products in a modern food industry began.

But what is the philosophy behind Voion Land Products and their quality? Talking to the people of the company gives all the answers, gaining the trust of the public.

Our values ​​start from the love for our place, from which springs our passion and devotion. We respect and support the people next to us, providing them with ongoing guidance and training. The success of our project is based on the collaborating producers, their knowledge, skills, ideas, passion, responsibility and overall effort for high performance and results in all areas. The key to success is definitely in the love for our land and in the human resources, with which we share the same vision!

In terms of quality assurance of our products, we recently proceeded to the selection of the new quality and safety standard FSSC 22000 specializing in companies active in the production, processing and standardization of food. This standard is in line with the excellent logistics infrastructure and our export activities, ensuring certification recognized by leading food companies around the world.

The company based on its human resources seems to be a pioneer in terms of work model and management. Want to tell us more about it?

Θέλουμε να πετύχουμε ένα μοντέλο διοίκησης που ενώνει τους εργοδότες με το προσωπικό. Από κοινού σχεδιάζουμε, συναποφασίζουμε και βρίσκουμε λύσεις στα προβλήματα που προκύπτουν. Βασική επιδίωξή μας είναι το προσωπικό να αισθάνεται ότι συμμετέχει στην προσπάθεια επίτευξης των στόχων κάθε project, έχοντας ενεργητικό και δυναμικό ρόλο σε αυτό.

In this new effort to upgrade what other actions have been taken to grow the company and better manage production?

This effort concerns many sectors, starting from the expansion of the building facilities, which is in progress and is expected to be completed by 31/07/2021.

Basic criteria for the restructuring of the company are to ensure maximum safety, compliance with the new quality standard, increase the quantities to be processed and maximize production efficiency. Also, the mechanical equipment is renewed, in order to keep up with the modern developments in the processing and standardization of food. The same goes for packaging, both Horace and retail. Finally, we started our cooperation with one of the best companies in the market, Entersoft, for the computerization through a powerful business management application, ensuring greater security, smart automation and better operation of the business.

The company seems to be growing, however, in terms of its human resources, but also through new collaborations.

The evolution of the company is our main concern and recently two new executives were added to our staff in the positions of Sales Manager and Head of Computerization and IT Applications. Also, our interest is focused on new collaborations both in Greece and abroad. In fact, exports, mainly to Germany, the USA, the Netherlands, France, Belgium and Austria are now a very important part of sales. Of course, our goal has always been to highlight all the quality products of the region and we are very happy that the effort continues. Our cooperation with the WOMEN'S AGRICULTURAL COOPERATIVE OF AGIOS GEORGE OF GREVENA is expanding, taking over the entire commercial department of the cooperative and promoting the exceptional quality products produced by the women of the village, throughout Greece and abroad.

We also started cooperation with the company NIKOLOPOULOU FROZEN FOODS. The cooperation concerns the supply of legumes with a designation of origin, so that Nikolopoulou can process them into products of high nutritional and taste value, such as falafel with chickpeas, legume burgers-superfoods, legume schnitzel superfoods and others.

Research and innovation are an integral part of the business and we will always identify and highlight what good our place produces.

The company VOION LAND PRODUCTS invests in the area. In a declining area, with an increased sense of social responsibility and protection. Such efforts need to emerge and receive the support of all of us, guided by the vision of a place that will remain alive, productive, trying to keep the young people left behind but also giving opportunities to those who wish to return.