Voion Land Products

Piraeus Agreement With "Voion Land Products" For Contract Farming

Through the Contract Agriculture program of Piraeus Bank, the producer has at its disposal the required liquidity on highly competitive terms when it needs it.

Piraeus Bank and the company "Land Products of Voion SA" announce their cooperation in the framework of the Bank's Contract Farming & Livestock program, aiming at the direct and active support of all those involved in the production process of the primary sector and the enhancement of the production of quality products. high nutritional value.

The company was founded in 2008, with the aim of reviving and preserving the traditional lentil cultivation on the plateau of Voio. Subsequently, its activities expanded to the production, processing, packaging and distribution of legumes and rice produced in the wider region of western and central Macedonia. Today it packages and markets varieties of lentils, chickpeas, beans, beans and rice.

The company is housed in a privately owned craft building in Tsotili Kozani. Its facilities include space for processing, standardization and packaging of products, storage silos as well as administration offices. It has modern mechanical equipment while applying a quality and food safety system according to the ISO 22000: 2005 standard.

The company "Land Products of Voion SA" utilizes the excellent Greek varieties of legumes and the favorable climatic conditions of the region and thus produces its unique products. With the producers it cooperates with, it provides complete geotechnical support and promotes the implementation of the system good agricultural practice GLOBALG.A.P. (EUREPGAP).

Through the Contract Agriculture program of Piraeus Bank, the producer has at his disposal the required liquidity with highly competitive terms at the time he needs it but also guaranteed its timely repayment, when he delivers the products to the Company.

As noted in the relevant announcement, this new Contract Farming Agreement concerns a comprehensive financing proposal and certifies the firm will of Piraeus Bank to support agricultural business and encourage every healthy and productive effort in the primary sector of the economy.