Our Secret?

We work in a circle…

Since the launch of the company, we follow the model of contract farming and contribute to the development of the Greek region and its economy. The large number of partners-farmers and the excellent cooperation is the proof that this working model is in line with our values and products. The producers of the mountainous and semi-mountainous areas ensure excellent quality, while the guidance provided to them is continuous, just like the monitoring of our crops.

...and we take care of our land!

We take care of the quality and safety of the products by minimizing the preparations and the interventions in the soil during the cultivation. Fields with soil features that favor the production of quality products are selected and good agricultural practices are applied. The modernized mechanical equipment and the effort to keep up with the developments in the production, processing, standardization and distribution of legumes give the most quality and tasty result to your plate!


Every Seed Makes Its Cycle!

Each seed, which will lead to the creation of VOION products, follows a cultivation cycle that respects its growth rate. Our goal is to care for the land we cultivate and maximize its yield, taking appropriate measures for all possible weather conditions


Our Certifications..

The ISO 22000 Standard is an International Standard that specifies the requirements for a food safety management system in order for food chain organizations to demonstrate their ability to control risks and ensure food safety. Issued by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in 2005, it incorporates HACCP requirements, prerequisite requirements (PRP’s and OPRP’s), current legislation requirements, and general management system principles.

Voion Land Products
Management's Commitment to Food Quality and Safety Policy

Food hygiene and safety is the non-negotiable component of the definition of quality. The management of the company ''VOION LAND PRODUCTS '' which is based in Glykokerasia Tsotyli Kozani, is committed and provides all possible assistance and support (material, technological and human resources) so that all its activities related to processing, packaging and the supply of legumes, cereals and rice, inside and outside the borders, to be organized and under control in a way that will ensure their excellent quality, hygiene and safety for the consumer. The Commitment of the Management is a key axis of the company's policy and its obligation towards the requirements of the competent control authorities, regarding the implementation of the current national and Community legislation as well as the satisfaction of the requirements of the consumers.

 This Management Commitment for food safety policy is in line with the Company Strategy, with the definition of its content, with the definition of the scope, with the Objectives of the SDAT as defined by the company and with the requirements of the standards. ISO 22000: 2018 and FSSC v.5.1. All stakeholders and their respective requirements have been identified with the effectiveness of the SDR system applied by the Company. The Food Safety Policy, Purpose and Objectives of the SDAT are available to all interested parties. In parallel with the operation of the SDAT system, whose central axis is the seven principles of HACCP, the company also ensures:

  • Customers and interested parties fully satisfied with the quality and safety of the products offered.
  • Staff excellently trained and equipped with the appropriate tools and equipment to perform their tasks.
  • Guiding and supporting the people who contribute to the effectiveness of the SDAT.
  • Informed suppliers who will be committed to meeting the legal and reasonable requirements of the company "VOION LAND PRODUCTS S.A."’.
  •  Management dedicated to the requirements of the SDAT System.
  •  Management with a basic focus on the promotion of Continuous Improvements of the SDAT through the updating of the SDAT.
  • Support for other related administrative roles to demonstrate leadership as it applies to positions of responsibility.

The Management of the company "VOION LAND PRODUCTS S.A.", operating in a competitive market environment, which respects the requirements of safe food production, ensures that the PPP is established and maintained for the success of its intended results, integrating into its operation all their processes and interactions.