A good year in terms of lentil qualities, but not in terms of yields was also recorded in Voio

A good year in terms of lentil qualities, but not in terms of yields was also recorded in Voio, Kozani, as he admitted speaking to AgroTypo Mr. Alexis Kotoulas vice president and financial director of the company Voion Land Products SAwho makes a contract with lentil producers in the area.

According to Mr. Kotoulas, "the yields in the region are generally lower than those of Thessaly, while the cost, since we are talking about a mountainous cultivation zone is increased."

Regarding producer prices, Mr. Kotoulas estimates that this year the farmers he works with will receive about 90 cents per kilo. It should be noted that the company Land Products Voio SA buys lentils and other legumes from producers, processes them, packs them and sells them throughout the internal market through My Market and other local chains on a case by case basis. At the same time, it also exports, while especially in lentils, these concern quantities around 15%. The main countries that this company sends lentils to are Germany and the USA.

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