Brown rice

Cultivation areas: Central Macedonia

Cultivation: The largest rice field in Greece is located in the protected area of ​​the Axios Delta National Park - Loudia - Aliakmonas, which also includes the mouth of the French River and the Kalochori Lagoon, the wetland of Nea Agathoupolis and Aliki Kitrous. High quality rice is grown in this area by experienced and passionate producers. The selection of products is done carefully so that we can offer you rice of top quality and high nutritional value.

Characteristics: It is rice partially paddy. During the processing, the rind is not removed, with the result that the final product is rich in fiber and with a lower glycemic index compared to traditional rice. Recommended for healthy eating and weight loss diets.

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10kg, 25kg, 500g

Nutritional elements

Aνά 100 γρ./Pro 100g/Je 100g %GDA 100g
Ενέργεια/Energy/Energie 1524kJ
Πρωτεΐνη/Protein/Eiweiß 7.7g 15%
76g 29%
εκ των οποίων Σάκχαρα/
of which Sugars/Davon Zucker
0.5g 1%
Λιπαρά/Fats/Fette 2.3g 3%
εκ των οποίων Kορεσμένα/
of which Saturated/
Davon Gesättigte
0.5g 3%
Oλικές διαιτητικές ίνες
Dietary Fibre/Ballaststoffe
Αλάτι/Salt/Salz 0.01g 0%

Συνιστώμενη Ημερήσια Πρόσληψη θερμίδων και διαθρεπτικών στοιχείων ενός μέσου ενήλικα, υπολογισμένη σε μια δίαιτα 2000 θερμίδων.

Guideline Daily Amount of calories and nutrients calculated for an average adult, on the basis of a 2000 calorie diet.

Richtwert für die Kalorien- und Nährstofftageszufuhr eines durchschnittlichen Erwachsenen auf der Grundlage einer 2000-Kalorien-Diät.

The Voion products are produced exclusively by small producers who cultivate the purest products with good agricultural practices.

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