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World Pulses Day: Myths, Truths and Benefits

February 10th has been declared World Pulses Day and it is a very
good opportunity to get to know legumes a little better and solve the most
common questions we have about them.


1) Legumes contain carbohydrates and will make me fat 

-Right – X

-Wrong -

Sure, legumes contain carbohydrates, but in no case do they hinder us
to lose weight. A plate of cooked legumes gives us about 250 calories.

2) Legumes are rich in: 

-Folic acid –
-Vitamin C – X
- Proteins of high biological value  – X

3) Legumes are a source of protein: 

-Right -
-Wrong – X

Legumes contain vegetable protein, but they are of low biological value, i.e. not
contains all the amino acids necessary for our body. But when combined with
cereals, increase the biological value of the protein with the result that it has the same
value with the animal.

4) The iron from lentils is equal to that of red meat: 

-Right – X
-Wrong -

Lentils contain iron but it is non-heme, which means it is absorbed in
very small percentage of our organization. The right combination is very important
of legumes with other foods so that we can absorb the iron that

 5) When I eat legumes I prefer to consume with: 

-Lemon –
-Tea – X
-Red wine -Yogurt – X

For the best absorption of iron, we must combine legumes with one
source of vitamin C, such as lemon. Instead, we should avoid ingredients that
block iron absorption and are found in tea, red wine and

6) Since legumes make me bloated, I have to cut them out of my diet

-Right – X
-Wrong -

To reduce the symptoms of bloating, we can first soak the
legumes, skim them while cooking, add soda and boil them
very well.

Source: https://petros-syrigos.com/pagkosmia-mera-osprion-mythoi-alithies/